Do I need the Most Expensive Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aids

You have taken the leap and had a hearing test. Congratulations on the first step. But now what? If you have been told you would benefit from hearing aids, there are many options available to you. When deciding on which hearing aids to get, there is not a one best choice for everyone. Rather, different options suit different people. There are different options available in terms of styles of hearing aids, brands, and technology. The choices you make will affect the price of the hearing aids. Given it is a significant cost, one of the questions often facing people choosing hearing aids is, ‘Do I need the most expensive hearing aids?’ As independent hearing clinics, we understand how big a decision this can be, so we have put together this blog to unpack this question for you.

Hearing aids come in various price points and can cost a lot of money. So, what are you paying for when you pay for more expensive hearing aids?

Sometimes people think that more expensive hearing aids are of better quality. This is not necessarily true. If you attend an independent hearing clinic, they fit reputable brands that are good quality. These hearing aids also have repair warranties on them, and generally have distributors in Australia. The quality with which the hearing aids are made is not the key factor in determining the price. Lower priced hearing aids are usually still good quality. This means int terms of the way they are made and their reliability, price is not a key differentiator for these factors. Note, this applies to hearing aids bought through your local independent hearing clinic. The same is not necessarily true if you buy cheap hearing aids online from overseas sources. These hearing aids may be of poor quality, have shorter warranty periods, and getting them repaired under warranty can be problematic. It is always a better idea to buy your hearing aids from an actual clinic based in Australia. So, if when buying from your local independent hearing clinic, a cheaper price does not mean poor quality, why would you pay for more expensive hearing aids?

Some clinics include different offerings with hearing aids. For example, some clinics may include three months of follow-up care, others may include 12 months or more. Other clinics offer the hearing aids separate to the services meaning you pay for the hearing aids and services separately. If you are comparing prices, it is important to know what is included with the hearing aid. But also consider the clinic themselves. One of the advantages of independent hearing clinics is they tend to have more flexibility in tailoring services to your needs than the bigger chains. This can help you achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

The style of the hearing aid, and brand, can also affect the price of a hearing aid. Some styles and brands are a little less or a little more expensive. However, the key factor determining the pricing of a hearing aid is the technology inside the hearing aid. Even within a single clinic, and a single brand and style of hearing aids, there are different price points. The higher the level of technology within the hearing aid, the more the technology is doing to support your hearing, particularly in complex listening environments such as restaurants. People with certain hearing losses, and hearing needs, will only get the outcomes they are after with these hearing aids that have higher technology in them. Other people do not need the same level of technology and therefore do not need the most expensive hearing aids.

So, how do you work out which level of technology you need, and whether therefore you need the most expensive ones? This is where your trusted hearing care professional from your local independent hearing clinic comes in. Your hearing care professional will take the time to understand your hearing loss and hearing needs and make a recommendation. It is important that you are honest with your hearing care professional about what is, or is not, important to you in terms of style, listening needs, and anything else. This way, all of this can be considered in any recommendations made to you. You should also ask any questions you have. For example, you might want to know what you will gain, or lose, in the hearing aid performance if you go for a different price point. If the hearing aid(s) recommended to you are not an option for you in terms of price, be honest with your hearing care professional so they can help you find the best solution that you can afford. Ultimately, your hearing care professional is here to help you make the best decision for you.

Whether you need the most expensive hearing aids will depend on your hearing, ear anatomy, hearing needs, and personal preferences. But this is a decision you do not need to make on your own. Your independent hearing care professional is here to help guide you and answer your questions on not just this but anything about purchasing hearing aids.

If you think you have been told you need hearing aids, or suspect you might, the best place to start is to have a hearing test and a discussion about your hearing aid options with your local independent hearing clinic. By seeing your local independent hearing clinic, not only can you be sure you will receive the best independent advice for your needs, but you are also supporting a business within your local community.

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