Ear wax removal

Build-up of ear wax can be uncomfortable and cause concern

Get your ears professionally cleaned

Ear wax removal

Do your ears feel blocked or full? Have you noticed that you are not hearing clearly? Do you regularly find you have ear wax build up? Ear wax, also referred to as cerumen, is a thick, sticky substance created by the glads in your ears. It is normal to have ear wax as it lubricates the ear canal and aims to prevent infections by trapping bacteria, dust, insects, and debris from reaching the middle and inner ear. Although ear wax serves to protect the ear, it can cause many problems for some people. Ear wax can build up and block the ear. This may be because of the type of ear wax that the person is producing, their ear anatomy, age, or history of ear infections. Whatever the reason, ear wax does not move out of the ear canal the way that it should. It can get stuck and impacted, thus the build-up of ear wax can cause a number of symptoms and concerns such as a temporary hearing loss, ringing or buzzing noises in the ear, dizziness or imbalance, pain, and pressure. If you are experiencing these any of these, it is essential that you visit your GP or local independent hearing care provider (iHCP).

Do you experience:

  • Difficulties hearing
  • Dizziness, balance issues
  • Earache or pain
  • Pressure or your ear feeling blocked/full
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  • Itchiness
Woman cleaning ear with cotton bud

Cotton buds or microsuction

Everyone has heard the rule to “never stick anything smaller than your elbow into your ear”, but how are you meant to remove ear wax when it builds up? A common solution many people have tried in the past is oils or drops that are said to soften and dissolve ear wax. Unfortunately, often these drops soften ear wax, but this solution does not draw the ear wax out of the ear and can often send the ear wax deeper down the ear canal. Another option that has been used historically is having the ears flushed with a syringe. This involves water being forced into the ear with a large syringe in the hope that the water gets behind the ear wax to push it out. Today’s best solution? Micro-suction. A pain free, safe option to remove ear wax. Usually a 30 minute appointment will have your ear health checked and ear wax free.
icon ear with sound waves

Consult a qualified clinician

Qualified clinicians are trained to safely and effectively remove ear wax blocking your ear to provide the relief that at home treatments and cotton buds cannot. Many people experience ear wax build up due to the body not moving the ear wax out of the ear canal as it normally would. Some people produce a lot more ear wax than others, and is quite common for people who wear hearing protection, headphones and hearing aids.
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The safest and most effective method of ear wax removal is microsuction. Many independent Hearing Care professionals (iHCP) have been trained to carefully remove ear wax with a machine that has a gentle suction pump and small suction cannula to remove ear wax quickly and effectively from the ear canal. This method feels a little bit like a mini vacuum cleaner where a small tube is placed in the ear that painlessly removes ear wax.
Audiologist examining clients ears for ear wax

Healthy ears, healthy hearing

Your hearing health provider wears a head torch, or used a special microscope to have direct vision of your ear throughout the entire process ensuring they have an excellent view of your ear canal, ear drum and ear wax. This allows them to see exactly what they are doing to gently remove ear wax build up in a pain-free way. The results are instant, making a real difference to how your ears feel. If you are experiencing any blocked sensations, fullness, balance issues, dizziness, hearing difficulties, aches, pain, or pressure in your ears it’s time to for some clean ears! Let us help you find your local independent hearing care professional (iHCP)

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