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Independent Hearing Care Professionals (iHCP’s) are essential in providing you with the hearing health you deserve. Offering you unbiased advice and professional audiology services from hearing tests, to hearing aid fittings, tinnitus management, to ear wax removal. All with the common goal of helping you live your most connected life, at work, at home, with the people and for the activities that matter most.

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Hearing loss

​A hearing loss is when you are not able to hear as well as someone with normal hearing. It can differ in severity from mild to profound and affect only one ear, or both ears. A person can be born with a hearing loss, or it can develop over time throughout life. Hearing loss can be caused by middle ear infections, noise exposure, ageing and ototoxic medications that damage the cochlear in the inner ear. These types of hearing loss may be temporary or permanent. When there is damage to the cochlear, the hearing loss is permanent and cannot be restored to your former level of hearing. Hearing loss may cause symptoms such as a ringing or buzzing noise in the ears called tinnitus, or dizziness and imbalance.

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Impact of hearing loss

​Hearing loss can cause a reduction in speech understanding, but it can also have a much broader and profound impact on an individual’s life including cognitive decline, retreating from social events and becoming less connected with work, friends, and family; can bring on depression, frustration and fatigue. Sometimes, a build-up of wax or fluid in the canal causes hearing difficulties.

Often if a hearing loss is slowly progressing over time, it is our loved ones that notice we are not hearing as well and will start to comment and bring this to attention. These are some of the tell-tale signs that it’s time for a hearing test with your local independent hearing clinic.

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The best time for action is

Hearing loss can be a subtle, gradual decline, or it can be a sudden, rapid change overnight or over a few days. If you experience a sudden change in your hearing or a sudden onset of ringing or buzzing noises in one or both ears, it is IMPERATIVE that you seek medical advice from your GP and make an urgent appointment with your independent hearing clinic. This sudden change to your hearing may be remediated if appropriate treatment is accessed in a timely manner. In contrast, because hearing loss is most often gradual, an annual hearing test is a must. This helps your independent hearing care professional to document how well you hear from year to year.

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Who are we?

​​Find My Hearing Clinic has been established to help you connect with local independent hearing care by providing a comprehensive list of hearing services near you.

Independent hearing clinics offer best practice audiology, genuine generosity, and care providing you with personalised hearing health advice and excellent hearing health outcomes.

Independent hearing clinics can be difficult to find amongst large chains usually owned by hearing aid manufacturers.

Finding the right independent, local, family owned and run hearing clinic is now easy!

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Your hearing journey

We encourage you to do your research and find the best INDEPENDENT hearing care for your hearing health and wellbeing.