How to Maintain and Care for Hearing Aids During Summer

Hearing Aids

Summer is here! And after multiple summers affected by fires, COVID and flood, it is nice to have a summer where we can get out and do summer activities and enjoy the outdoors. We know that during summer we need to stay hydrated and take care not to get sunburnt, but what about our hearing aids? What do we need to do to look after our hearing aids and keep them in tip top condition so we can all enjoy summer activities?

Protect your hearing aids from the heat

Just like people, your hearing aids don’t like to get too hot. It is important not to expose your hearing aids to excessive heat, and especially don’t leave them in the car on a hot day. If it is too hot for you, it might be too hot for your hearing aids. This can require some planning if you are going somewhere that you think you might need to take them out – such as the beach. Plan ahead and keep them somewhere safe.

Sunscreen and insect repellent

It is important not to forget to put sunscreen on your ears when in the sun. Your hearing aids don’t like sunscreen or insect repellent. So, if applying either of these, take your hearing aids out, apply the spray or lotion (don’t forget to put sunscreen on your ears), let it dry, and then put your hearing aids back in. This will protect your hearing aids – especially the microphones – from getting blocked up and keep you hearing.

Keep Your hearing aids away from moisture

Sweating is a given especially during summer, and your hearing aids will generally tolerate sweat most of the time. If you sweat a lot, consider using a sweat band on your head, or hearing aid covers to protect your hearing aids from moisture. It is also a good idea to dry them off after engaging in sweaty activities and consider using a drying kit overnight to help look after your hearing aids.

While hearing aids do have some moisture resistance, they do not like too much moisture and should not go for a swim with you. If you are doing water activities make sure you have somewhere safe to put your hearing aids. If your hearing aids accidentally go for an unexpected swim with you, dry them off and put them in your drying kit, or something moisture absorbing to get as much moisture out of them as possible. It is also a good idea to call your local, independent hearing clinic for advice.

Plan a head when travelling

If you are planning on travelling over summer, planning can help you keep your hearing aids working well so you can hear well. Think about all the parts you may need while travelling (batteries, wax guards, domes) and make sure you have plenty to take with you – contact your local independent hearing clinic before you go if you need anything. Also make sure you have somewhere safe to put your hearing aids if you will be taking them out while travelling, such as when you are on a long flight. Lastly, if your hearing aids are rechargeable, don’t forget to pack the charger and an adaptor if travelling overseas.

Summer is a great time of year often filled with lots of activities. Implementing these tips to care for your hearing aids will help to keep you hearing well so you can enjoy all those activities you love.

Need help with your hearing and hearing loss over summer? Your local independent hearing clinic can help support you to hear well. To find out more about how your local independent hearing clinic can help you.